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Seven Lions Wiki is an encyclopedia dedicated to information about American electronic dance musician, Jeff Montalvo better known by his stage name 'Seven Lions'. There are 61 articles and growing since this wiki was founded in August 2014. The wiki format allows anyone to edit or create an article.

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Welcome to the Seven Lions Wiki, a comprehensive and easy-to-read encyclopedia centered on the inspiring EDM music producer known as Seven Lions.

Jeff Montalvo (born March 31, 1987), known professionally as Seven Lions, is an American record producer, remixer, instrumentalist and DJ from Santa Barbara, California. The name Seven Lions comes from a fantasy book called Latro in the Mist by Gene Wolfe. Seven Lions is a character in the book.

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Jeff Montalvo

"I like stuff that really takes you out of somewhere you are and puts you somewhere else."

If you’d asked a follower of Chinese astrology what 2012 was the year of, they would’ve said “the dragon.” If you’d asked a dubstep fanatic the same question, they would’ve undoubtedly answered with “lion”—seven of them actually. Jeff Montalvo, a.k.a. Seven Lions, took electronic music by storm in 2012, reinventing dubstep’s wheel by coalescing it with elements of trance, breakbeats, and progressive house. The Santa Barbara resident has only begun his unstoppable ascension, and we’re just enjoying the view. Read more

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Seven Lions - Days to Come ft

Seven Lions - Days to Come ft. Fiora Official Music Video

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Seven Lions feat. Kerli - Worlds Apart (Official Video)

Featured track: Keep It Close (Ft. Kerli)

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